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Hire Outsourced Live Chat Agents For Your Website!

Don’t let your customer bounce off your pages, offer them live help on your website and make sure you secure the sale or resolve customer service issue the first time round. Our professional website chat operators will take care of your clients 24 x 7 as if they were your own staff. With your competitors only a click away, giving customers the experience they demand, whilst at the browsing stage means you keep customers on your site and you keep them happy.

How It Works

Business professionals can spend a lot of time and money generating leads on their website. Live chat is a tool to help convert leads that arrive at your website 24/7 and to help turn organic traffic from “just browsing” to “interested” 24/7. If you’re getting plenty of traffic but few inquiries, live chat can help you turn it around. But managing in-house agents 24/7 is expensive. That’s where we come in.

Your Customers Visit Your Website

They Interact Live With Our Chat Agents 24 x 7

Our Chat Agents Answer Sales & Support Queries

You Are Notified Of Sales Leads Instantly via Email, CRM and Mobile Apps

Why You Should Implement Live Website Chat

Live chat currently has the highest satisfaction levels. More and more website visitors are using this method to communicate, 73% of those that have are pretty happy with their experience. Phone and Email are currently the lowest rated customer service touch points, with 44% and 41% respectively. Automated answering systems and long waiting times are the main sources of frustration for phone users.

Website Chat


Phone Call





Our Apps & CRM

  • Instant Notifications Via IOS & Android Apps
  • Instant Notifications Via IOS & Android Apps
  • Instant Notifications Via IOS & Android Apps
  • Instant Notifications Via IOS & Android Apps
  • Instant Notifications Via IOS & Android Apps
  • Instant Notifications Via IOS & Android Apps
Instant Notifications Via IOS & Android Apps
Instant Notifications Via IOS & Android Apps

Who We Are?

image-about is part of Web Design LLC – a company listed on the INC500 two years in a row. We are a professionally managed US company from North Carolina.

Our world class delivery centers in Manila, Philippines, are an integral part of our global delivery network helping deliver business value to our clients worldwide across a wide range of industries. Our staff make us who we are. Handpicked for their focus, team oriented approach and listening skills.

Why is website chat preferred by customers?

Faster response time to my queries.
Because I can multi-task.
Less waiting time to reach an agent.
Don't want to have to deal with the hard sale.

Quality Services

We will pro-actively treat your customers as our own, and provide a seamless, first-class live website chat service 24 x 7.

Experienced Staff

We only deploy experienced and well-informed live chat operators on your website to handle customers’ queries.

Affordable Plans

Managed live chat service aren’t just for big business anymore. Our low price makes it affordable for everybody.

Excellent Support

We will pro-actively treat your customers as our own, and provide a seamless, first-class live website chat service 24 x 7.

Meet The Team

Bryan Allen

Bryan Allen

Apple Siapno

Apple Siapno

Team HelpDesk


Boost Sales

Boost Sales

Offering a chat option on your website provides loads of new and otherwise lost leads that can turn into a significant sales increase.

Helps Refocus

Helps Refocus

Will allow you to refocus on those business activities that are important without sacrificing quality or service in the back-office.

Helps Refocus

Reduce Cost

Live chat enables sales & customer service assistance for notably lower costs than a typical telephone call or in-person interaction.

Convert More

Convert More

Website visitors who participate in live chat tend to convert 3-4 times as often as those who don’t due to the instant assistance.

Increase Loyalty

Increase Loyalty

Online shopper and web site visitors prefer Live Chat , as it doesn’t involve a channel shift or disrupt the customer’s experience.

Edge Competitors

Edge Competitors

By adopting the website chat service technology early will give you that competitive advantage over your rivals who don’t have it.

Build Trust

Build Trust

Your online visitors will trust you more if they have a real live person to talk to immediately incase of any concerns during purchase.

Improve Service

Improve Service

When you offer live chat on your business web site, it allows you to decrease response time and increase customer satisfaction.

Learn More

Brick and mortar stores have a 20% conversion rate of visitors that turn into customers. Online only has 2%. Why?

The trouble with websites is that customers are disconnected from someone who can answer their questions in real time with precision. Rather than watching potential customers click away from their site, live chat provides convenient answers that you customers want, while increasing sales and the bottom line of your company.

Compare the savings …

You can save up to 99% by hiring our Chat Agents

Your Direct Hire

  • Hourly Rate $15
  • Recruitment + HR $0.75 per hour (@ 5%)
  • Training & Supervision $0.30 per hour (@ 2%)
  • Benefits (health, dental etc) $3.00 per hour (@ 20%)
  • Overhead (office, equipment etc) $0.75 per hour (@ 5%)
  • Payroll Tax $1.8 per hour (@ 12%)
  • Leaves (vacation, holiday & sick) $1.5 per hour (@ 10%)
  • $$16,817*/ Month

Our Chat Agents

  • Hourly Rate $0.20
  • Recruitment + HR Included
  • Training & Supervision Included
  • Benefits (health, dental etc) Included
  • Overhead (office, equipment etc) Included
  • Payroll Tax Included
  • Leaves (vacation, holiday & sick) Included
  • $$149 / Month

* (based on 24 x 7 hours = 728 hours/month)


  • Starter

  • $ 149

    per 30 days

  • 24 x 7 Live Support
  • Unlimited Chats
  • Ideal for 1 Website You Own
  • Standard Look
  • IOS/Android App
  • Lead Management CRM
  • Equals To Just $0.20/Hr
  • Standard

  • $ 199

    per 30 days

  • 24 x 7 Live Support
  • Unlimited Chats
  • Ideal for 2 Websites You Own
  • Branded With Your Logo
  • IOS/Android App
  • Lead Management CRM
  • Equals To Just $0.24/Hr
  • Premium

  • $ 299

    per 30 days

  • 24 x 7 Live Support
  • Unlimited Chats
  • Ideal for 5 Websites You Own
  • Branded With Your Logo
  • IOS/Android App
  • Lead Management CRM
  • Equals To Just $0.41/Hr
  • Enterprise

  • $ 499+

    per 30 days

  • 24 x 7 Live Support
  • Unlimited Chats
  • Ideal for 5+ Websites You Own
  • Branded With Your Logo
  • IOS/Android App
  • Lead Management CRM
  • Equals To Just $0.68/Hr +

All Our Plans Include:

Live Chat Software

Live Chat Software

Zero Setup Fee

Zero Setup Fee

Unlimited Chats

Unlimited Chats

Free Trial

IOS & Android Apps

Monthly Contract

Monthly Contract

Live Lead Notification

Live Lead Notification

Customized Service

Customized Service

Dedicated Manager

Dedicated Manager

Professional Agents

Professional Agents

No Hidden Costs

No Hidden Costs

Performance Reports

CRM & Live Reports

Free Trial

Our service is free for 15 days, then just $149 / 30 days.

Fully functional, no credit card required.

You are under no obligation when you try our service.

You can cancel at any time plus you keep all the leads.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Test drive our powerful capabilities and see how easy it is to amaze your customers with faster, more responsive service.



Setup Questions

How long does it take to get Live Chat started on my website?
How do I get the Live Chat working on my website?
Do I need to be technically savvy ? Do I need to install anything for Live Chat?
What countries do you support?
What are the businesses you support for Live Chat Management Service?
Do you customize the look & add my logo on Live Chat window?
Who is notified of new chat leads and how?
How do agents learn my business to answer my Live Chats?
How many Live Chat websites your shared agents handle at a time?
Do I need to be available 24 X 7 if I use your Live Chat Service?
What is your response time for Live Chat Leads?


Pricing Questions

How do you differentiate between packages if all your packages have unlimited live chats?
What happens after the Free Live Chat Trial?
Is there a setup fee? Are there any hidden costs for Live Chat Monitoring?
How am I billed for chat leads? Is there a variable cost or fixed cost?
How is your Live Chat Service so cheap?
Where are your chat agents physically based?
What is the cost for your managed live chat service?
How do I cancel my live chat service account?
Is there a contract?
What's included in the monthly fees?
How will I pay?
What is your uptime Live chat guarantee?


Benefits Questions

What happens during a live chat session?
How do live chat agents answer specific questions about my business?
What if the live chat agent does not know the answer?
What is a proactive live chat invite?
How can proactive live chat invite increase my sale?
Why is your live chat service so effective?
Do I really need a live chat service for my website?
How can I be sure that my business information is secured?
Will you sell my leads? How can I trust you?

Live Chat for Lead Conversion

Using a Human Touch to Garner Consumer Loyalty

The Modern Market – The Web

They key to a strong relationship is communication. It might be a cliché, but that’s only because it’s true. To run a successful business in this day and age, you can’t just open shop, and hope for the best, you need to get the word out there to be seen in a sea of competitors to make any sort of mark on the consumers mind. But how do you get yourself heard over the noise?

Businesses and corporations have used every new development in communication technology to their advantage. From the soap boxes in the town square, to paying for ad space in the local newspaper, snail mail, email, text messages, to ads on social media platforms; wherever you look, there is a business trying to get your attention. They way businesses communicate has evolved over the years according to the demands, keeping up with their customers so they don’t lag behind.

In today’s world, however, there are several lines of communication open to the company to get in touch with the consumer, but the consumer has changed, developing natural blinders that simply swipe away adverts that they are not interested in. An influx of too much information, too many companies trying to fit into the same space has resulted in a blur that the consumer automatically ignores.

The old faithful are no longer delivering the kind of results they used to a decade ago. Email as a means of gaining customer interest has scored the lowest customer satisfaction across the board, with telephone communication a close second. Customers, especially the younger demographic, prefer texts, and instant messaging to phone calls, and hardly anyone uses their email other than work purposes.

The New Age of Communication

The consumer today is very aware of the market, and is no longer taken in with orthodox means of marketing. The consumer will completely ignore information for a product they are not interested in, no matter how much the company improves their marketing strategy. If the customer doesn’t want it, it will be doubly hard to convince him to buy.

But this has turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

Thanks to Google, social media sites get to advertise only that content that the customer is interested in, sites, and products they have searched for using the search engine. This makes it easier for companies to approach a target audience, resulting in a more efficient use of marketing because customers already in the process of wanting to buy the product or service will see the pitch. So instead of the business making bridges, and constructing roads to get to the customer, the customer will come to them. But what happens after they come to you? How will you retain them, and make sure they not only buy the product/service but are loyal to your brand only?

Consider that your website is like your storefront. You don’t want a customer to come in, find it unmanned and walk back out. Or worse, walk across the street to your competitors! You want to place informed professionals in your stores to approach the customer, engage them, help them with their queries and bring their attention to other aspects of the store that the customer might have missed altogether. Your chances of making a sale, and retaining the customer will increase exponentially when you have a skilled customer representative at the front desk.

That’s what HelpDesk247 does for your website.

HelpDesk47 gives your business more than live chat software it provides outsourced live chat services to business looking to upgrade their websites by providing live assistance for customers, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. We provide managed live chat services, which means we do it all for you, including chat installation, monitoring your website chats and sending you the leads . You don’t need to be an IT geek! We do the live chat monitoring for you.

HelpDesk247 employs live chat operators that are well informed, and thoroughly trained in live chat etiquette and customer service skills. They are further trained in the clients business, the products that are on offer, and every special detail that makes the company unique. They can be trusted to retain and attract customers, because HelpDesk247’s ideology is that that the client’s customers are HelpDesk247 customers and must be given high quality service. If you are looking for an affordable live chat outsourcing company that provides 24 7 chat support for your website- we are the one!


8 Ways HelpDesk247 Can Help You

1. Boost Sales

All websites are not created equal. Some are very straight forward, while others require a bit more exploration. How can you expect customers to buy your product if they can’t find it? A live chat option allows HelpDesk247 operators to greet your customer, engaging them in conversation to find out what they want and sending them directly there. Live chat operators can even recommend products for more sales. Statistics show that people buy more when encouraged.

HelpDesk247 live chat agents are also trained to promote any new products, events, or activities that the company might be hosting to drum up interest, and a receptive audience, priming the customer base for future sales. This way your company can not only expect day to day salesmanship, but a regular buildup of future sales by the live chat operators. Outsource live chat to us and we take care of everything for you.

2. Refocus Priorities

Live chat operators do more than just encourage sales, and answer customer queries. They can even help with administrative tasks. A doctor’s office is always busy, so by installing a HelpDesk247 live chat operator the doctor can divert administrative tasks such as patient complaint, appointment time, insurance information and focus on treating the customers when they arrive for their appointment. Businesses can leave customer support to the live chat operator and develop their services, and products to better suit the customer’s needs.

With outsource live chat support, Independent entrepreneurs benefit the most; especially those that specialize in DIY crafts. There’s only so much that a single person can do to run an online business. Having a live chat operator can allow you to focus on working on the orders, while they take care of getting customer information, what they want, by when and where. It makes for a relaxing work environment, and a thriving business.

3. Reduced Costs

Having a live chat operator on your website is less costly than a long phone call, or a one-on-one interaction with the customer. By hiring a HelpDesk247 live chat operator you reduce costs of renting space for your telemarketers and customer representatives, the electric and telephone bills, and the cost of hiring all those people to man the lines. All of HelpDesk247 plans are affordable, the most expensive being $199 per month. You get a fully functional software, with live chat operators and a dedicated manager in under $200 a month, whereas if you dedicated an entire department for this one simple task the cost would be in the thousands.

4. Increased Conversion Rate

One of the basic concerns of online shopping is the discrepancy in numbers. Traffic on your sight is never the equivalent of the sales you make. The leads made through landing pages, and subscription popups need additional investment of time and money to convert to sales. The reasons this doesn’t work is that too much time has elapsed for you to actually convince the customer to come back and reconsider buying your product. The one and only chance you have of convincing them is when they were at your website, because they came there for a reason. Our live support service helps you utilize this crucial moment to the highest advantage.

Having a chat option on your website makes sure that any concerns the customer has are answered in real time and leads are converted to sales instantly so all that traffic on your site isn’t a wasted opportunity. It’s like having a salesperson on your website encouraging people to buy your product.

5. Increased Customer Loyalty

One of the reasons customers keep going back to a certain shop, or outlet is because of the quality of customer care they get from the sales representative. Customers feel a personal connection to the company due to the friendships they strike with the sales rep. The same can be done without the customer leaving their home. An online customer representative in the form of a HelpDesk247 live chat operator can deliver the same personal experience as it doesn’t involve shifting of channels or disrupt a customer’s experience in any way.

6. An Edge on the Competition

Adopting the live chat service on your website before it becomes a standard business practice will give you an edge over competitors who don’t have it. Consider an online book store that has a live chat operator to guide you to a book you only remember a part of the name, check the status of your delivery items, enquire about any discounts that might be on offer, or recommendations for a niece and nephews birthday. Now open the page of a rival that provides no such assistance. It’s very obvious which the customer would prefer. A website with HelpDesk247 live chat operator gives the website a virtual reality experience that a regular website just can’t match.

7. Trust Building

A friend in need is a friend indeed. Building trust is essential to maintain a long term relationship with customers. Customers trust companies that are open about communication, and immediately there to answer any questions the customer might have. Not those that will encourage you to call their helpline only to be left on hold, or a blank complaint box that might never get answered. By hiring HelpDesk247 live chat operators on your website, who are there 24/7, building trust amongst your consumer base will lead to a customer base that completely trusts the company they are dealing with.

8. Improved Services

With an open line of communication the exchange of ideas becomes rapid. Consumers that trust a company will go out of their way to make healthy suggestions that they believe will benefit the company, because they believe they have an emotional stake in the company. Companies can benefit greatly from the feedback they get from their customers, and implement methods to improve services, company policy, and products. This ultimately benefits both the company and the consumer.

What’s The Plan?

HelpDesk247 outsource chat support is available in four priced plans, the cheapest being the Basic at $149 per month to Premium at $299 per month. Though the plans are priced differently they all provide the basic services with only a difference of method of notification, the amount of hours invested, and the look of the chat box, so there is an option for every company that wants to spruce up their website with a HelpDesk247 live chat operator.  Our live chat support services plans include the following:

  • Live Chat Software – The software that allows your website to have a live chat box is included in every plan. There are no extra costs for the software.
  • Zero Setup Fee – Installation charges are nil, meaning you don’t have to pay anything extra to get the software installed.
  • Monthly Contract – Monthly contracts are there in case a company wants to opt out at any time. HelpDesk247 is very confident about its product and doesn’t believe in binding a company for six months in a contract they don’t wish to continue. It also allows companies who wish to continue with HelpDesk247 to upgrade, or downgrade a plan as they see fit.
  • Unlimited Chats – There is no limit to how many chats will take place in the 24/7 service, so no customer will be left hanging just because the daily chat quota has been surpassed. With our chat support outsourcing service, unlimited chats mean unlimited opportunities for customers to interact with the website and convert leads into sales. The hours and days however are determined by the plan you choose. The Premium plan is the only plan that limits the hours to 8 hours every 5 days, for clients who don’t want 24/7 assistance on their website. The rest of the plans offer 24/7 assistance; yes, even on Christmas!
  • Free Trial – HelpDesk247 is so confident in their product they give clients a 15 day free trial of a fully functional software chat service, requiring no credit cards. Clients can start whenever they want, and end the contract at any time they want and still keep the leads they generated in the fifteen days. Clients have nothing to lose, and everything to gain so why not give it a spin?
  • Live Lead Notification – Depending on their plan, clients will get live lead notifications through email and/or text messages as they take place, insuring the client has the opportunity to resolve customer complaints, or place orders in real time. This allows you to remotely control the activity on your website, and keep a closer look at the assistance provided by the HelpDesk247 live chat agents.
  • Customized Service – The plans include the option of keeping a standard chat box, or customizing it with clients brand logo. The chat services can be customized as well. Chats could be solely for enquiries, or for complaint registration, or clients could customize chats to be primarily for sales, or website navigation. HelpDesk247 live agents will only indulge the information the client approves, and nothing more. The chat box is there to provide the help the client needs, and will be flexible to those demands.
  • Dedicated Manager – A dedicated manager will be assigned to every client account. The dedicated manager will be responsible for training chat operators, keeping a check on daily leads, resolving any back end issues chat operators face and deal with the client for any queries they might have. The dedicated manager will be there to answer any questions the client might have, and to present regular performance reports. The dedicated manager is the client’s exclusive link to HelpDesk247 and 24 7 live chat for your website.
  • Professional Agents – By opting for any HelpDesk247 plan you gain the services of the most professional chat agents in the market. They are highly educated, and well trained in online chat etiquette and how to engage customers. Based in the Philippines, the live chat agents know how to get valuable information from the customer, such as the customer’s name, address, phone number, and email address for future leads.
  • No Hidden Costs – There are no hidden costs in any of the plans. The stated plan prices cover all services.
  • Performance Reports – In the interest of transparency, and to provide clients with a monthly update on the performance of the chat box, every plan includes a performance report for the client to keep track of the services being provided to them. These can be used to develop plans for future performances with the dedicated manager assigned to the client. Your outsource live chat operators are essentially an extension of your company, without huge expense.

Basically we provide complete managed chat services!

Something for Everyone

HelpDesk247 is a broad spectrum service provider and can be used in several industries for various needs. Because of its flexible and real-time nature it can be used in both doctor’s offices as well as a publishing house.

  • Restaurant/Café – To make reservations, answer questions on dietary restrictions on the menu, and restaurant timings, and much more
  • Online Investment Advisors – People constantly come online to search for advice. Investment advisor websites can engage with clients through live chat in real time and garner their basic concerns to create a portfolio and get back to them
  • Software and Web Developing Companies – For quick real time responses to client queries, immediate response to any changes the client wants, or just an update on the client’s project
  • Government Websites – Government websites are vast, and sometimes difficult to navigate. A live chat agent to proactively guide every customer to their respective department page is essential to make a visit pleasant, and fast, not complicated and slow.

Based in North Carolina, HelpDesk247 isn’t selling live chat software; that can be bought from any company selling the software. HelpDesk247 is selling the service of highly educated live chat agents to man that software; live chat agents that will treat your business like their own. Though based in the Philippines the live chat agents are fluent in the English language, English being a primary language in the region. At the moment HelpDesk247 only provides assistance to companies operating in the English language. You should hire us if you need complete live chat service for your website.

The service is highly secure, and includes a privacy policy so clients can trim the information they want shared with their consumer base. It is a perfectly customizable service that is affordable and does wonders for online business.

With a fifteen-day free trial it is also a viable option. You don’t have to rely on the reviews of strangers; you can try HelpDesk247’s live chat agent services first hand without any cost before you make a decision. Similarly contracts aren’t long term and binding. A client can choose to leave and rejoin HelpDesk247 whenever it suits their needs

Not only is HelpDesk247 great for your business it also makes sure you get the most out of your business by providing you with a relaxing environment to work with. HelpDesk247 helps divide the toll running a business can take, by taking on all the responsibility of an online presence in your stead. HelpDesk247 brings the personable touch to a detached experience, connecting customers and companies on a disconnected medium.

So get help at Help Desk 247; we as live chat service providers upgrade your space on the World Wide Web from a few pages of company information, and product details, to one that generates more business for your business. Hire live chat agents and see how it makes a big impact on your bottom line.

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