Resellers | Live Chat Agents - Hire 24 x 7 Chat Answering Service For $149/mo


By now you’ve probably known how 24×7 live chat is so important in today’s digital world of brands and services as well as why customers prefer it over phone and e-mail support – it is distinctly the best communication platform to provide real-time prompt feedback to customers. It gives also the highest levels of satisfaction for the customers.

With this, allow us to offer you something that will give you the edge as a white label reseller of our 24×7 live chat in so many ways. First of all, our company, will not be mentioned as we would fit and adjust all our services to be able to sell them through you unbranded or branded under your agency’s brand.

As a white label reseller, you can access a new technology without thinking about aftersales processes, such as maintenance and enhancements. Our live chat service will function as a seamless extension of your existing services. We are bent on giving your customers the best customer experience as we work on that on a daily basis.

We would not mention our company on the chat system, customer support ticket, sales leads or captures and even e-mails and in fact reflect your brand wherever possible.

Here are the benefits for you in this program:

Increased revenue streams and savings

Leveraging our resellable solutions means you’re cutting overhead and resource expenses. There’s no development work or IT setup for products. There’s no training or in-house bodies for fulfillment. Everything is turnkey.

As more companies are going digital, especially in the areas of sales and marketing, the need for this platform becomes essential and they are on the lookout for providers. Being a white label reseller provides you the opportunity to fill in this gap in the market and in the process generate new streams of revenues for your business.

Employing full-time employees as agents manning a 24×7 live chat on your website is about 50x costlier. Imagine the savings that will benefit your company if you avail this program. What’s in store for you? What we offer is a full service live chat team that will zero out the overwhelming operational expenses on full-time employees’ salaries as well as other expenses related to operating a contact center. So, are you ready to generate more income and increase your savings? So, why wait? Check us out now.

Enhanced brand loyalty

The relationship built with your customers is important. Most probably, you have a dedicated and loyal customer base that goes back to you because of the great teamwork they have with your company. How to level up this relationship? Enhance this brand loyalty by presenting to your existing clientele the latest digital tools before they even know they need them. Be proactive and thoroughly explain the benefits of a live chat feature. A valuable collaboration surely will happen in the long run. For the growth of your business, it is necessary that you maintain a long lasting relationship with your customers. It’s actually a "win-win situation" for you as you stay ahead of the competition, while doing the same for your customers. They will less likely to switch to your competitors if they know what they pay you is doing their own business good.

Your brand your price

As we remain private, you would have control over the prices you want to provide the client. You would be the one to provide your own pricing plans, thus, giving you freedom and flexibility in prices that you would consider in this program.

We all know how businesses differ in their key strategies and goals. There are some businesses that operate only for a season; some are year-round. There are those that have low manning requirements; others have high levels. We have plans that can be customized to meet all your specifications and requirements. We can discuss these plans and ensure all agreements are in place before we do the actual implementation of the live chat program. A clearly defined and mutually satisfying collaboration is always our objective in this business.

Best feature offerings

Our best feature offerings are truly unmatched. With our customized options, plus the good quality of agents and the latest state-of-the art technological tools such as IOS and Android Apps, a great CRM tool are what we offer you and your clients. We have fully-trained, professional and competent chat agents who are all highly experienced in this set-up. First of all, you just have to work hand in hand with us to ensure that we provide the best customer experience and support to your clients. As we make your clients’ customers happy – you gain their confidence and loyalty to your business relationship as well.

Competitive edge vs. competitors

With this program, you are certainly showing a competitive edge vs. your competitors who are only focused on their core products and services. You meet unfulfilled customer demands so now you are not only meeting your market segment but a wider reach as well. On the other hand, your competitors are only focused on their market. Now, which business is better than the two? Definitely — it’s you!

Are you now ready to become a white label reseller for us?